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The primary objective of the collaboration was to increase sales and brand awareness for Nirmalaya's eco-friendly home decor products. Also give them constant support on in terms of Social Media Enagegemnet and Launh various campaings during festival seasons like Holi (for their Organic Golal), Diwali (for their plantable crackers and Exclusive Gift Boxes)

The Team at Wortham Digital, conducted a thorough analysis of Nirmalaya's target audience, competitors, and industry trends. Based on the insights, We developed a creative and holistic marketing strategy that included the following tactics:


Most of us grew up breathing smoke of black incense that is the most overlooked cause of cancer in India. In April 2019, Rajeev noticed flowers offered at the Shirdi temple in Maharashtra being recycled into incense. A few months into researching how flowers and other waste from temple offerings can be recycled, we all teamed up and founded Nirmalaya and replicated the same model in Delhi. They are on a mission of ridding our country of religious waste and chemical-laden products. Our women workforce handpick flowers and use time-tested methods to craft incense that’s good for you, and good for the earth.


The brand faced tough competition in the market and was struggling to increase its sales and brand awareness.Nirmalaya collaborated with us to launch a comprehensive marketing campaign that included product photography, social media Content & Reels and influencer marketing. This case study examines the strategies and tactics used by the agency to achieve the desired results.


Nirmalaya's success story also caught the attention of the investors on Shark Tank India, a popular TV show on Sony TV India, that features aspiring entrepreneurs pitching their businesses to a panel of judges. Nirmalaya's founder impressed the judges with their products and innovative marketing strategies,


The appearance on Shark Tank India generated a significant buzz around Nirmalaya's brand, leading to increased website traffic, sales, and brand awareness. By leveraging both traditional and modern marketing channels, Nirmalaya was able to establish itself as a formidable player in the home decor industry, with a growing customer base and a strong brand reputation.


We understand that the right props and styling can make all the difference in showcasing the unique features and qualities of their handcrafted products. To ensure we get it right, Our team spends a significant amount of time researching and selecting the perfect props for each shoot.


From natural materials like wood and stone to vibrant textiles ,botanicals and real herbs. each prop is carefully chosen to evoke a specific mood or feeling that aligns with Nirmalaya's values and mission.


This attention to detail and commitment to quality has paid off for Nirmalaya, as their product photos have become a cornerstone of their brand identity. By using carefully selected props and styling, Nirmalaya is able to differentiate themselves from competitors and stand out in a crowded market.


Their photos have become a major draw for customers, who are drawn in by the beautiful and inviting images that showcase Nirmalaya's products in their best light.


As Diwali, the festival of lights, approached, Nirmalaya wanted to create a gift box filled with eco-friendly and sustainable products that celebrated the spirit of the season. They turned to our marketing agency to help them promote the campaign, and we knew that a TV ad would be the perfect way to reach their target audience.

The ad showcased Nirmalaya's unique Diwali gift box, which included plantable sweets and crackers, incense sticks, and essential oils. Each product was carefully selected to align with Nirmalaya's mission of promoting eco-friendliness and sustainability, and the ad highlighted how each item contributed to a more sustainable and mindful Diwali celebration.

The TV ad was a hit, generating buzz on social media and driving sales for Nirmalaya's Diwali gift campaign. Customers loved the eco-friendly and unique nature of the gift box, and the ad helped raise awareness of Nirmalaya's brand and mission.

Overall, the TV ad we created for Nirmalaya's Diwali gift campaign was a success, showcasing the brand's commitment to sustainability and promoting a more mindful way of celebrating the season. By using compelling visuals and messaging, the ad helped Nirmalaya stand out in a crowded market and attract new customers who shared their values.

Product Photoshoot for Golden Brass Dhuni

Photography for their State Collection exclusive Fragrances

Product Photography for Dhup Sticks

Product Photography for Organic Gulal

Lifestyle Product Photography 

Nirmalaya Product Photography Aesthetics

Lifestyle Photography for Essential Oils

Product Photography for Essential Oils

Product Photgraphy for Attars/ Perfumes


The stunning images showcase the beauty and uniqueness of each product, helping Nirmalaya stand out in a competitive market.


Nirmalaya's Attar and perfume production process is a true work of art, relying on centuries-old traditions and a deep respect for the natural world. The documentary showcases the skilled craftsmanship that goes into each bottle of Nirmalaya's handcrafted perfumes, from the careful selection of flowers to the precise distillation process. By highlighting their commitment to sustainability and quality, Nirmalaya is able to differentiate themselves from competitors and appeal to conscious consumers who value natural, ethically-sourced products.

The documentary-style film has been a major success for Nirmalaya, generating buzz and interest in their brand and products. By leveraging the power of visual storytelling and showcasing their unique production process, Nirmalaya has been able to increase their brand awareness and credibility in the eco-friendly and natural living space. Their Attar and perfume products have become more popular than ever, with customers raving about the quality and the unique scent profiles that only Nirmalaya can offer.


Team partnered with popular lifestyle and  influencers, even celebrities to promote Nirmalaya's products. The influencers created sponsored posts and videos featuring Nirmalaya's products, which were shared with their large following, helping to increase brand awareness and credibility.


We created short, engaging videos showcasing Nirmalaya's products (like their Incence Sticks, Nirmalaya hawan cups, their Exquisite Attar collection etc) in use, along with lifestyle inspiration.

These reels were posted on Instagram and other social media platforms to increase brand visibility and engagement.


Behind the Scenes of Nirmalaya's Social Media Reel Campaign

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