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Feature 01.

SPO Markets is a leading brand in the real estate investment sector, offering innovative solutions for Australians to invest in property without traditional barriers. 

Feature 02.

SPO Markets collaborated with Wortham Digital to develop a comprehensive user dashboard for both desktop and mobile applications.

Feature 03.

The dashboard needed to provide a seamless and intuitive experience for users to browse properties, invest in fractions, monitor investments, and access educational resources about real estate investment.

Feature 01.


UI /UX  | DASHBOARD DESIGN  | Web Development



Conducting extensive user research to understand user needs and preferences, guiding the design process to meet user expectations.

Prioritizing responsive design principles to ensure accessibility and usability across devices.

Integrating educational resources within the dashboard to empower users with knowledge about real estate investment.

Working closely with legal experts to ensure compliance with Australian financial regulations and standards.


Complexity of Real Estate Investment: Simplifying complex financial transactions and legal processes for users. Ensuring a smooth user experience across desktop and mobile devices.

Adhering to Australian financial regulations while offering investment opportunities.


The user-friendly interface and mobile compatibility expanded accessibility, attracting more users to real estate investment.

Integrated educational resources increased user engagement and empowered investors to make informed decisions.

Successful navigation of regulatory challenges built trust among users and ensured compliance with Australian financial regulations.

Early feedback from users has been positive, praising the dashboard for its simplicity, functionality, and educational value.

Design inspiration

Feature 01.

Ultimately, our design inspiration stems from a deep understanding of user needs and behaviors.

We continuously iterate and refine the dashboard based on user feedback, ensuring that every design element serves a purpose and contributes to a positive user experience.

Feature 02.

We drew inspiration from well-designed financial dashboards and investment platforms, incorporating elements like customizable widgets, portfolio summaries, and performance analytics.

Our design inspiration for responsiveness comes from leading mobile-first design principles. 

Feature 03.

Inspirations from educational platforms influenced the integration of educational resources within the dashboard.


User-friendly interfaces, curated content, and interactive learning modules provide users with valuable insights and guidance on real estate investment strategies.

The Stationary Design 

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Creative Minds

Aryan Rajput

The visionary maestro who brought our brand to life. Aryan's creativity knows no bounds, and his design prowess has given SPO Markets and Pocket me a distinctive UI/UX design that resonates with innovation.

UI/ UX Design - Wortham Digital 

Ashish Kabir

Behind every great design is an even greater supervisor.  Kabir's meticulous guidance and keen eye for detail have shaped the seamless integration of our new brand identity. His dedication to perfection is evident in every pixel.

Creative Director - Wortham Digital

Mr. Aamir Shekh

As the Brand Coordinator at SPO markets, Aamir is the heartbeat of our creative journey. With relentless passion and an innate ability to challenge the status quo, she's the driving force behind every bold stride we take.

Brand Coordinator - SPO Markets

The App

The partnership between SPO Markets and Wortham Digital showcases the power of digital innovation in reshaping real estate investment. By prioritizing user-centric design, responsive technology, and regulatory compliance, the dashboard has transformed the investment landscape for Australians. As SPO Markets continues to grow, this collaboration stands as a testament to the potential of digital solutions in revolutionizing traditional industries.


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