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 March 2020 - November 1, 2020


Barneys Hard Seltzer 


Barberew Beverages Pvt. Ltd.

Company established in the year 2020, has already presence overseas and blooming it's authenticity to all over the world.  Many new entrants in the Hard seltzer and beverages business in India, Barneys was seeking to establish its personality and seeking for a seed round funding from Investors – and that’s when they approached Wortham Digital.

Branding and Identity Design for Barneys - Hard Seltzer

Poster Designs for Magazine Prints/ News Paper Advertisemnts

Flavour Intro Videos and Other Marketing Stuffs 

Ready to launch Kit from the house of Wortham 

Giving the Brand it's 

In an super comeptitive market, Barneys needed to standout from the pack as a top-tier hard seltzer drink maker. The goals at the outset for wortham digital were to create a distinct brand pacakging for Barneys Hard Seltzer to bring the product packaging design for it’s range of flavours to life.

The Brief and Concept 

a) The Drink and name is inspired from the famous character Barney Stinson from the popular TV Series " How I met Your Mother".

b) The Design should portray the feeling of Happiness and Celebration. If you hold this can you must have that same feeling.

c) Tagline - "Stay United with Barneys"


Taking Inspiration from the original motion Poster designs for "How I met your Mother " TV Series. We collected few and somewhere creative team was stuck on the one.


The Making of the Background , giving the similar shades with all the rain effects, 
if you've watched the show, then you will know the importance of rain here, All along it will also portray the feeling and thought " If it's raining, you must remember that somewhere there is always an yellow umbrella for you."

Design Process

After so many iterations, failures, logo placing and all, the design was taking shape. Now it's 

very important to make the "Stay United" Feeling on the can itself.

The Illustration of people of all agaes clearly united under one umbrella clearly justifies togetherness, even we put cans together they will creating a sense of bringing everything together. also the brand inspiration is also there and conveys the ideas of celebrating togetherness. 

Final touch and thoughts 

Because Barneys wanted a high-end look on can and bottle as well, we kept the branding very clean, minimal, and yet traditional. Unlike most brands, we limited the amount of content and used the power of negative space, a lot of umbrella angles, shades of yellow and flavours, silver and off white to create a sense of minimalism and visible luxury. Furthermore, a shades of Yellow colour palette was established for the core branding along with a colourful secondary pallette for web & print usage. As a result, the vibrant packaging illustrations created really popped against the softer visual system.

Attention to every Detail

Marketing Collaterals, Stationary and

Brand Guidelines

There wer many questions but Barneys was always open for new ideas, and we were always open for new challenges. They asked, 

How the billboard will look, we need umbrellas design for beaches, we need corrugated box designs, we need T shirs, bar mats, caps etc. So we were all set to go for colletrals again giving the same "How I met your Mother " theme. 

Website Developement 
giving Barneys all the presence all over the internet.

Live Website :  www,

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